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greeting for your good chioce of parsia shoe product
parsia opened in 2000 with the production of bags and shoes.
it began alone with the laboring hqnds of the CEO of the company which was suprisingly done without any intial capital and labor .
after a short time of understanding market need and the importance of modeling density  and the most appropriate price, the were able to succeed in the industry so that at the start of shoe production , more than 980000 untie produced per day.













Refer to the experts in the machine building industry in 2010, manufacturers of high-strength shoe and Persian shoe manufacturers with consistent efforts to access the Internet and worldwide days, given the time available for use in the industry, other stores. have taken.

The factory was able to identify customers’ needs in the shortest time and train the industry’s most professional forces as well as execute the latest manufacturing processes.
We hope that we can follow the path of this company with the satisfaction of those who have trusted us and can serve you dearly in the field of modeling with the latest in the world and with the precision in quality of products manufactured under the Parsia logo and brand.

We hope we have been able to attract the attention of your esteemed customer …

In the end, thank you again for your choice, Parsia Shoe Factory.
In the meantime, please call 09121759752 for suggestions or criticism or visit our Contact Us section.

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